Feed Manufacturing Conference & Training for the future of the feed industry

Last week, a 3-day international conference and training course on animal nutrition and applied feed manufacturing took place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The event aimed to bring together stakeholders at the forefront of technological and methodological developments in the related industries, to share knowledge and pioneering innovations, and to jointly raise the quality of animal nutrition and feed manufacturing to an even higher level.

The main organizers of the conference were UBM Feed Romania, one of the leading independent feed producers in Romania, USSEC, the US Soybean Export Council, and ANFNC, Romanian Feed Manufactures Association.

Abraziv participated in the prestigious event as a professional partner and gold sponsor.

During the first two days of the event, participants had the opportunity to attend presentations on applied animal nutrition and feed manufacturing sessions from renowned experts on the topics (including but not limited to: Jan van EYS, USSEC Europe; Gonzalo MATEOS, UPM Madrid; Peter H.D. LANGE, CPM Europe, etc.). Another theme of the program was the integration of soy-based ingredients into feeding practices.

On the closing day, UBM Feed Romania’s feed mill in Sânpaul hosted a technical and knowledge-sharing workshop as organizer and host of the event. Abraziv Kft. was the main contractor of the plant, which was opened in 2019, and on this occasion, Botond Sárközi, Managing Director of Abraziv Trade Srl., the Romanian subsidiary of Abraziv Ltd., was invited to moderate the round table session, while the guests were invited to participate in the plant tour led by Zsolt Mondik, CEO of Abraziv Ltd.

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