A-Z PLANT 4.0 feed, concentrate and premix plant

ABRAZIV Ltd. designs and builds the most modern feed, concentrate and premix plant in Central-Europe, as the largest project of VITAFORT Zrt.

The new plant was named as „A-Z PLANT 4.0” as a reference highlighting that the technologies used in this factory are in correspondence with Industry 4.0 standards f.e. the usage of high-tech robot-technologies, and also referring to the complete product-palette of VITAFORT Group that will be produced here (from A to Z). In the ultra-modern factory – having nearly 6000 sqm floor area on 9 floors, and is 40 m high – has the capacity of 100.000 tonnes per year, ensuring the production of 1,5 million tonnes of ready compound feeds.

Most significantly, the closed path Automatic Container Transport system, which is the first of its kind in Hungary, guarantees that there is no medicine-cross-contamination occuring during production. Up-to-date technical solutions enable the execution of complete feed-production process: such as robotic elevator, almost 100% automatizated computer-controlled production which ensures the tracking of the complete process. Producing 2000 types of end products „A-Z PLANT 4.0.” will work with smaller environmental impact, and can provide feeding solutions per animal species – also for automatized or robotised barns.

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