Milestone in the construction of Vitafort feed plant

The construction of the feed plant of Vitafort Zrt. in Dabas has reached a milestone. Abraziv Ltd. started the construction phase in 2021, following a long and careful design process. 

According to tradition, when the supporting structure of a construction site reaches its highest point, a bush or wreath is ceremonially set on top of the building, asking for a blessing for the building, and then, the workers are hosted for a meal. 

To revive this beautiful tradition, Vitafort Zrt. (the builder) organized a topping out ceremony in the early afternoon yesterday, with a speech by Mr. Zoltán Kulik, CEO of Vitafort Zrt. 

On behalf of Abraziv Ltd. (builder), Mr. Zsolt Mondik, CEO, made a toast. Mr. Zoltán Kőszegi, the Mayor of Dabas, also attended the event and praised the importance of the project in the region. 

The 40-meter high, automated feed factory with a useful area of almost 6000 m2 on 9 floors will be inaugurated in 2023 and will have an annual production capacity of 100,000 tonnes of premix, concentrate and feed mixes. 

The project received the name “Step into the future 4.0 A-Z Plant”, which refers to the complexity of the entire process, from the construction of individual machines to the comprehensive execution of complete manufacturing and mixing plants built with state-of-the-art features.

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